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The male sexual problem can be effectively treated by the urologist

The male sexual problem doctor in Ghaziabad can treat your problem effectively as well as efficiently. Therefore, you should knock the door of the best urologist in Ghaziabad, who will look after your issue. Why sexual dysfunction in male occurs/ The issue such as male sexual dysfunction transpire in a condition when a man is not able to perform sexual activities with her partner or he is viable for fully engaged sexual intercourse. The cause for this dysfunctionality can be physical or sometime psychological. The male sexual problem such as may occur at anytime during the sexual cycle, such as excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. The sexual problems that is very common in men are erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders, inhibited sexual desire, low testosterone and peyronie disease. However, it is fortunate that you do not have to live with this forever. What are the causes of sexual dysfunction in male? As a matter of fact, the issue of male sexual dysfunction hardly emerges in the form of serious health issue. However, it makes them feel anxious, stressed, inadequate and depressed. So, it affects highly on emotional and psychological lever. It may also cause relationship problem. Some common causes of the sexual dysfunction in the male are listed below: Low testosterone levelExcessive use of alcohol, drugs and regular smoking habitConsistent use of some medicine may also cause sexual dysfunction in menBlood vessel disorders such as hardening of the arteries and high blood pressureStroke and nerve impairment due to diabetes or surgery.Kidney diseaseLiver diseaseMedical issue pertinent to neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson'sWorrying so much about sexual performancePast sexual traumaStress pertinent to workMarital or relationship problemsFeeling of guilty and depressionHormonal problems or hormonal imbalance, such as low testosteroneVascular diseaseHeart diseaseTreatment is available According to the best urologist in Noida, although male sexual dysfunction issue is very common problem affecting men of all ages, but, it is more found in increasing age. The treatment for these problems are quite available at urologist clinic. Treatment option for male sexual dysfunction: All the symptoms or underlying causes of the male sexual problem may vary from individual to individual. Thus, according to the male sexual problem doctor in Ghaziabad , the treatment is determined on the basis of patient feedback as well as medical findings. The treatment may include as such: Hormonal therapyPsychological therapyUse of medicationTreatment option for erectile dysfunctionSurgical treatment  

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